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Range: pH:0.00~14.00pH; EC:0~19990us/cm(983) 

Temperature: -50°C~70°C (-58°F~158°F)

Resolution: pH:0.01pH; EC:10us/cm

Temperature: 0.1°C (0.2°F)

Accuracy: pH: +/- 0.1pH; EC/TDS: +/- 2%F.S; TEMP: +/- 1°C (+/-2°F)

Power supply: DC 6V

Temperature compensation: 0~50°C

Size: 188mm x 35mm x 35mm

Weight: 80g



1.Remove the protective cap.

2. Clean the electrode with distilled water, and dry up the water attached to the electrode with filter paper. 

3. Press the "On/Off" to switch power.

4. Insert the instrument into the test solution, with the measuring electrode immersed in, and stir lightly.

5. Press "983-EC/pH" to choose "TDS/Ec" or "pH", Wait until the digital is stable, read the final value.

After using, wash electrode, press "On/Off" to turn off.

pH Calibration

1. Dip pH electrode into pH 6.86 (under the temperature of 25°C) standard phosphate liquid, stir lightly.

2. Press "983-EC/pH" to choose "pH", Regulate the "pH7" trimmer with a screwdriver until the buffer solution value corresponding to the measurement temperature is obtained.

3. Use the distilled water clean the electrode, immerse the electrode in pH4.01 or pH9.18 the standard buffer solution. After about one minute, until the buffer solution value corresponding to the measurement is obtained.

4. Showing value and buffer solution's pH value is within the error range.



1. While testing please stir electrodes, and avoid the bubbles on it. Else it will affect the result.

2. If the error is too big or TDS(EC) value is not going back to 0, dip TDS electrode into ethyl alcohol and shake for 5-10 seconds to wash the electrode.


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