NTS Root and Shoot

NTS Root and Shoot

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- Promotes rapid establishment of new plantings including turf, young trees, strawberries and vegetable seedlings.

- Vigorous root growth delivers more uptake of nutrition, more CO2 production for photosynthesis and enhances stress resistance.

- Superior shoot production is the essence of proactive vigor

- Can be fertigated for root response or foliar fertilised to boost shoot production.

Seedling Dips:

Vegetable Seedlings & Tree Tubestock

Soak roots in 1:200 dilution (1L per 200L)

Strawberry Runners

Soak roots in 1:200 dilution (include Nutri-Life Tricho-Shield at 500g per 100L water)


Vegetable Seedlings, Tree Tubestock, Strawberry Runners & Turf

7 L/ha immediately after planting

Home Garden Application:

Dilute 45mL per 9L watering can and apply the diluted mix at a rate of 1 litre per square metre.

Apply fortnightly or as required.


Shake or stir well before use. Where higher water rates are required for good foliar coverage, do not exceed maximum product rate per hectare. Sensitive foliage or plants should be test sprayed prior to full scale application. Frequencies are guideline only and can be adjusted according to farm practices and/or in conjunction with crop monitoring. Ensure suitable spray conditions (e.g. temperature, humidity, wind-speed), prior to foliar application. Compatibility and/or performance cannot be guaranteed when combined with other products. Jar test for compatibility and spray test on small area before wide-spread use.



- Avoid spraying close to harvest if the produce is susceptible to staining

- Not compatible with soluble calcium-based inputs.

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