Baba mr. Ganick DR. NEEM RTU

Baba mr. Ganick DR. NEEM RTU

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This is a ready-to-use non-toxic, non-polluting, 100% natural pesticide formulated with neem oil and fab seed oil. Neem is commonly used as natural pest prevention and treatment. It comes from the neem tree which has almost all parts can be used for different purposes.

Great for use against common pests like mealy bugs. 




Target area

Organic insecticide with antifeedant effect, repellent effect and insect growth disruptor

Major ingredients

Cold-pressed neem oil & Fabaceae seed oil

Usage instructions

Shake well before spraying on pests or whole plants. Spray on stem base and surrounding soil to get rid of any pests hiding in the soil. Spray in the early morning or late evening. Do not spray during hot weather.


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