Germination Kit

Germination Kit

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Kickstart your home-growing journey! This germination chamber is lightweight, portable and reusable. It comes with adjustable vents for easy control of the humidity within the chamber. 

The pH-balanced seed plugs are made of high-quality peat mix and contain micronutrients. They allow great aeration and water retention, giving you strong and healthy seedlings and is excellent for rooting cuttings. 

With this, your success rate is increased greatly, saving you the precious time and money (and heartache!) of the conventional trial and error. For parents, this is a great kit to keep the kiddos motivated and involved around the garden.


Approx. 54cmL x 28cmW x 17cmH

How to 

1. Fit the seeding tray into the flood tray

2. Put 1 plug into each cell (as many as required)

3. Put 1 seed into each plug (it's okay if a few seeds get into one plug)

4. Spray the plugs with water until they are well-saturated (seeds should never sit in water)

5. Cover with the chamber lid with the vents closed and place at a cool sheltered spot (you can open the vent slightly if it gets too humid later)

6. Transfer the seedling with the biodegradable plug into your choice of media (e.g. soil, water) 


Q: How long do I wait before transferring my seedling?

A: Growth rates differ between species. Generally, edibles' seeds should start germinating after about 5 days and be ready for planting by about 2 weeks, or after 4 true leaves have emerged. 

 Q: Can I sow different varieties of seeds in the same chamber?

A: Yes! But note that due to different germination patterns, mixing may not be ideal. We recommend you to minimise the variety if you are not sure of the differing patterns.

 Q: My seeds are starting to mould. What should I do?

A: There can be many reasons for this with the most common being due to the quality of the seeds. If you use your own seeds directly from a fruit, please rinse them well and air-dry to get rid of any slime which can cause fungus. 

 Q: Some seeds did not germinate. Can I reuse the seed plug?

A: Yes! Remove the dead seed and rinse the plug well before reuse.

Have other questions? Reach out to us in the chatbox at the bottom of your screen :) 

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