Growfoam Seed Germination Kit

Growfoam Seed Germination Kit

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GrowFoam Seed Germination Solution

This foam density promotes faster and stronger root growth This media design to maintain an ideal air to water balance specially engineered for vegetable & leafy greens seed germination

Product Details

This kit comes with 54 cubes & a plastic tray. Best for lettuce, leafy greens, basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers etc. This foam is able to biodegrade 75% within 335 days in a biologically active landfill condition.

Less environmental impact

Ideal air to water ratio for fast and uniform germination

Specialized media density allows for fast and easy root penetration

Clean media allows for a healthy, disease and pathogen free

Durable foam minimizes clogging of irrigation filters

Uniform moisture throughout the media regardless of the irrigation method

Consistent dibble hole shape and depth promotes uniform germination and growth

Steps for Germination & Transplant

1. Place seed(s) in each of the dibble hole when the foam is either dry or wet

2. For optimal result, the foam should be completely saturated with tap water / mineral water / filtered water, without any dry areas. a drop of seed nutrient solution can be added to promote the plant growth.

3. For the first 48 hours, place the foam at a dark area with temperature not more than 25C.

4. Once the seed sprout, move the tray to area with light. Supplement with grow light will prevent tall and fragile plants. Top up with more water to cover at least 1 cm at the bottom of the foam.

5. Ready to transplant when there is at least 2 true leaves. Typically about 12-15 days. The foam can be transfer to soil or hydroponics system or aquaponics system.

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