Jebao CF-30UV Bio-Pressure Filter

Jebao CF-30UV Bio-Pressure Filter

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Voltage: 240V 50Hz
Filter Volume: 30Litres
UVC Power: 12Watts
Capacity: 12000Litres
Rating: Continuous
Size: 416*342*599cm

How does it work?

Stage 1 - Mechanical Filtration

Pond water is pumped into the filter creating the necessary pressure to begin three mechanical filtration stages-coarse, medium-coarse and fine filtration. Each phase uses a specially designed foam sponge to effectively remove all sizes of unwanted debris.

Stage 2 - Biological Filtration
This stage uses bio-balls providing a habitat for beneficial bacteria to grow. These bacteria naturally convert harmful ammonia and other wastes into healthy nitrates that fertilize aquatic plants and support a healthy pond environment.

Stage 3 - UV Filtration

The final filtering stage uses a low voltage, Ultra-Violet(UV) light, Exposure to the UV light kills algae as the water passes through the filter on its way back to your pond


Filter needs to be cleaned once a while. As much as once a week depending on water condition, dirt building up, too much, could cause leaking. A dirty filter will generate a lot of extra pressure. 

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